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Adults Create at the Library

Have you noticed the fun craft programs we’ve been offering for adults? We usually meet on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening at 7 p.m.  It’s a great chance to meet new people, learn a simple craft and just spend an hour or so doing something creative. Thus far we have made valentines, learned simple crocheting techniques and baked some retro Shrinky Dinks that turned into earrings and fobs.  In July we’ll be making duct tape clutches and repeating the Crochet program, then in August we’ll make bookmarks with the popular product washi tape. The best part  of the series is that you only need to bring your creativity since we supply the materials and tools.  The Friends of the Sunnyvale Library have provided the funds for these fun activities.

If you missed the first programs but are interested in learning how to do some of these old and new crafts check out these books.

For creating with felt fabric:

Stash Happy Felt

A basic crochet manual for right and left handed beginners:

Crochet Your Way

And finally a book on creating with Shrinky Dinks:



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Sunnyvale Art Club annual art exhibition


Winner of Best in show award, Cleo Crouch

Our annual Sunnyvale Art Club exhibition was a hit.  Over 700 people attended the event.  The work of over sixty artists’ was on display.   A variety of media were represented from water color, oil painting and some wonderful photography.

Members of the club did outdoor painting demonstrations.   Prizes were awarded.  Kristen Olson, a noted landscape artist, was on hand to judge the exhibition and offer awards.    The best in show award was won by artist Cleo Crouch.


painting patio

Open air painting demonstration

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Tablets – eReaders and General

A lot more people are using smartphones and tablet computers for everything today. Many more than just a year ago. We have resources, both printed and eBooks, for all of the major tablet computers. Here are a few, sorted by type of device.

 eReader – Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire HD for dummies  Kindle Fire HD for dummies / by Nancy C. Muir




Kindle Fire [electronic resource] : out of the box / Brian Sawyer

Kindle Fire [electronic resource] : the book that should have been in the box / Peter Meyers

The Kindle Fire [electronic resource] : pocket guide / Scott McNulty

My Kindle Fire HD [electronic resource] / Jim Cheshire, Jennifer Kettell

Meet the Kindle Fire [electronic resource] / Scott McNulty

Introduction to Android app development for the Kindle Fire [electronic resource] / Lauren Darcey, Shane Conder

Taking your Kindle Fire to the max [electronic resource] / Mark Rollins

eReader – Nook HD

NOOK HD for dummies NOOK HD for dummies / by Corey Sandler





Since both of the previous eReaders/tablets use the Android Operating System, this will be the next section.

Tablet – Android OS

Android tablets for dummies Android Tablets for Dummies




Rough guide to Android phones & tablets The rough guide to Android phones & tablets / by Andrew Clare




Taking your Android tablets to the max [electronic resource] / Russell Holly

Android tablets made simple [electronic resource] / Marziah Karch

Beginning Android tablet programming [electronic resource] : starting with Android Honeycomb for tablets / Robbie Matthews

And let’s not forget the one that fashioned the craze.

Tablet – Apple iPad

iPad the missing manual iPad : the missing manual / J.D. Biersdorfer





iPad mini for dummies iPad mini for dummies / by Edward C. Baig and Bob “Dr. Mac.” LeVitus




iPad [electronic resource] : the missing manual / J.D. Biersdorfer

iPad for boomers [electronic resource] / Brian Proffitt

My iPad [electronic resource] / Gary Rosenzweig

My Ipad Mini [electronic resource] / Gary Rosenzweig

Take your iPad to work [electronic resource] / Brian Proffitt

Have fun and safe computing!

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Talking It Out

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  — Hamlet, Act I, Scene V.

We live in amazing times. Scientists are working on bio-luminescent plants that could replace light bulbs. We’re inches away from the long-promised flying car. And we have successfully cloned a human embryo.

Even here at the Library, we’re offering some pretty futuristic stuff. For instance, did you know you can remotely beam books to your Kindle e-reader? (It’s like a Star Trek transporter for library books). And starting June 1, we’ll be offering 3D printing technology that lets you ‘print’ a model of an object you create. But how can we process all these fast and fabulous changes? Who can we talk to about this brave new world?

Each other, of course.

The Library is starting a Science and Math Discussion Group — kind of like our book groups, but without the book. Instead of discussing plot and character, we’ll be hashing out scientific discoveries and developments. No prior knowledge of a topic is necessary. Come to learn something new, or share what you know, or deepen your understanding through discussion. Because the world is changing fast, and we’re all in this together.

Science and Math Discussion Group meets the third Tuesday of every month, at 7 p.m., upstairs at the Library. Our first meeting is this Tuesday, May 21. We’ll be talking about the Higgs boson.

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California Camping

campingI grew up in western WA State where you are *almost* guaranteed perfect sunny weather for a few weeks in late July and early August. Other than that you take your chances with the rain and your outdoor pursuits – camping being one of those. You spent the last week getting ready for your camping trip and now it’s raining? Most people might cancel the trip. Not if you are from Washington!  You gird up your loins and move on to blue tarp camping.

So my move to CA a decade ago took some getting used to – all this abundant sunshine was exhausting.  There was no bad weather to wrangle with! Instead of planning how to stay dry outside, I could now spend my time planning where to take my summer (and spring and fall!) camping trips.  We are blessed in the Bay Area to live relatively close to some spectacular camping destinations.  This summer it will be Yosemite for my family camping trip.  And just look at all the other places we can explore with help from guidebooks from the library!


california camping      desert      tahoe      yosemite

   California               Deserts                 Tahoe                  Yosemite


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