What does Sunnyvale Library and Jeopardy have in common?

As a regular Jeopardy watcher, I was intrigued by a recent article in the August 2012 Library Journal titled “Research in Jeopardy”.  The article is a brief interview with Billy Wise, the show’s editorial director. Over his twenty year span on Jeopardy, Wise has written 25,000 clues. As a librarian, I watch in awe how so many questions on various subjects are represented each night. I couldn’t imagine doing all that research so I was glad to read that a team of eight writers and six researchers work together to create clues, cite their sources and fact check them.

How do they come up with all that material you might ask, well, Jeopardy has their own 10,000 volume library, some dating back to the beginning of the show in 1964. In addition to their print resources, on-line subscription resources are also used. Just like students, teachers and librarians, clue writers and researchers know that all print and online resources are not created equally so they take their sources very seriously as do we.

Rest assured your Sunnyvale Library has a plethora of reliable print and on-line resources for all your back to school needs. Access to our vast online resources can be found on our Articles and Information page. Here you will find everything from student resources (elementary through college), health and wellness articles, grant information via the Foundation Center, online “Consumer Reports”, language learning with Mango Languages, genealogy research with Ancestry, and stock and business resources to name several. All this and so much more, all free with your Sunnyvale Library card.

One database that I am excited about is the California Digital Textbook Initiative, where digital editions of math, science and history high school textbooks are available free online. Not all text books are represented so check with your child or their teacher for the appropriate text book for their curriculum. The California Digital Textbook Initiative is a great resource to gain other perspectives from text books by exploring how another author explains a process or a formula.

As we welcome our community back to school we are adding new books and resources every day to help you become lifelong learners by connecting you to the information you need. It’s our pleasure to have reliable resources and a team of Librarians ready to help you.

For more information on Jeopardy check out these items or read the Library Journal article here.

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Final Jeopardy : man vs. machine and the quest to know everything by Stephen Baker




Prisoner of Trebekistan : a decade in Jeopardy! By Bob Harris

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