Candyland at the Sunnyvale Public Library!

All summer long, groups of teens have been coming to the Sunnyvale Library to plan and build a Candyland game the size of the Library Program room, with decorations, a game board, and costumes for the teens. On Saturday, August 18, we opened our make-believe Candyland for younger children to go through as players. Here are some of the pictures from this day of fun!


It’s morning! Between 10 am and noon, when the actual game started, the teens came in, put the board and the buildings together, and got into costume. Here they are putting the board squares out and taping them down.







There were five characters the Teens played, and they changed roles every hour. This is the Gingerbread Kid (or Kids, if two teens wanted to do it), and when her square on the board is reached, she gives a ginger cookie to the player.








This is the Licorice Lagoon, where the evil Lord Licorice hangs out. This was one of the best parts of the game, as you’ll see later.










Here are all the teens, in their costumes, ready to open the doors! We had signed up a lot of elementary school age children to play, and anytime we had space, we let other children join us.





And the game has started!





We had giant cards and one teen turned the cards over and announced the next space each player would go to; the children would follow the track to their space, and take turns moving ahead and interacting with the characters.


Oh no! It’s the evil Lord Licorice! Don’t take his licorice or you’ll be out of the game and he’ll keep you in his castle for a hundred years! Everyone would start shouting as he approached the players, telling them not to take the licorice. Which, we found out between games, was actually delicious!





The Lollipop Fairy gives each child a multicolored lollipop.








Mr. Chocolate, the Chocolate Miner, warns children away from Lord Licorice.








And finally the children reach the Candy Castle in safety, where King and Queen Candy greet them with a candy necklace, and they have finished the game.






This was fun for teens, parents, the children who played and also for the Teen Librarian. One parent said she’d be doing a Live Candyland game at her child’s Hallowe’en party!

Thanks to all the teens who worked so hard to make this a wonderful event at the Sunnyvale Public Library!

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