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Most of the readers in the Teen section at the Sunnyvale Library are looking for fiction, and our fiction collection checks out extremely well…but what many Teens don’t know is that we have a small but excellent section full of great nonfiction books for Teens as well! Here are a few recent ones:

The Otaku Encyclopedia

An insider’s guide to the subculture of cool Japan, says the subtitle, and it’s not kidding. Find out everything you want to know about Japanese culture as portrayed in anime, manga, videogames and more!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens

How teens can learn to handle money confidently and responsibly.

How to fight, lie, and cry your way to popularity (and a prom date)
: lousy life lessons from 50 teen movies

Explores such popular teen movies as “Grease,” “Pretty in Pink,” and “10 Things I Hate About You”  to reveal the humorous, unrealistic life lessons conveyed by each film.

Scandalous! : 50 shocking events you should know about (so you can impress your friends)

“Do you love a good scandal? This book includes 50 juicy pop culture, political, and entertainment-related scandals complete with photos, event synopses, and a look at why each went down in history and how they continue to influence us today.


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